Inspirational Goodies

I’ve bought some little treats to inspire me,  which have just been delivered.

Problem is, I want to don the top and scoff a brownie right this second.

With a bit of exercise thrown in, maybe.

Highly inappropriate at this point in time.

Although, maybe my work colleagues won’t notice…….


The slogan is spot on. The more you do the more you can be. Not just for exercise: do more things you enjoy, do more laughing and smiling, love more and do more positive things and your being will become…. more.


Fish, Bait, Hooked.

Soooo, it’s been a while. Time again has run away, life is rapidly picking up speed. So it’s time to slow down again. Come back to the present and make a conscious effort to take time out for my blog.

My last post Stepping out of your comfort Zone talked about comfort zones. Well, over the last year or so I’ve taken myself out of my comfort zone and plonked myself, pure and raw, into new situations, new places and uncharted territory.

The latest ‘new’ thing to add to my collection of unfinished projects and hobbies is Personal Training. keep reading!

Stepping out of your comfort Zone

A lot of us do it.

We plod along under our comfort blanket, afraid to try new things for fear of failure.

We’d rather stay with what we know. The safe reliable environment of our smelly lifelong comfort blankets.

I’ve seen many people become depressed and sad, doing the same things day in and day out. Never trying something different. They know full well that they should, but every excuse under the sun prevents them from reaching out to touch the new.

But it’s not every excuse.

It’s just your own fear.

Your own mind.

Your own over thinking.

Since starting this blog I’ve tried a fair few new things. I’ve found out new things about myself and I’m enjoying the different discoveries that I stumble upon. Fear is still there but the trick is to not let it control you, your mind or your actions.

It’s easier said than done I know, but with each little step out from under your comfort blanket, a new world comes to light. Lifting you out of the pit of despair you may have found yourself in.

It doesn’t have to be standing on a stage in front of thousands of people. It could be as simple as wearing a different colour one day instead of your normal dark clothes.

Your comfort zone isn’t necessarily the most comfortable.

You will not fail. You will just learn new things.


The prospect of a forest full of boulders to climb would be a climbers dream. However, for the 3FY, it was actually quite daunting.

I’m not going to pretend I’m the bees knees at climbing, I’m not. But I can probably do more than a complete newbie. At least I hope considering I have been doing it on and off for 2 years now!

Before I went on my little adventure to Font (as everyone seems to call it) they all warned me: keep reading!

Happiness, Positivity and Jealousy

There is nothing greater than feeling a sense of relaxation that comes with happiness. That moment when you are laughing with friends and you look at them and realise you are completely uninhibited. That moment as you open your eyes after a calming meditation or when you look at your partner with love and adoration while just sitting and being.

Whatever and wherever your happiness comes from, it’s a blessing to treasure.

But sometimes, happiness promotes a great sense of jealousy in  others, in those who haven’t found their own peace. keep reading!

Confusing Mind

In the post Going on an Adventure there were talks of an upcoming adventure. Hopes of making new friends, learning new skills and techniques and finding out stuff about oneself.

There was an air of excitement for this little journey.

Well, the adventure has come and gone, leaving a rather confused Three Footed Yogi. Keep reading!

Struggling But There is Always a Pretty Sunset

So the 3FY (Three Footed Yogi) is struggling a bit.

Things are busy and exhausting.  Luckily and thankfully there are no stresses, just a lack of inspiration and a very tired body.

There hasn’t been a great deal of asana practice but yoga is always with me in my heart.

The brain seems to be thick with nothingness, no inspiration to write and trying to think is giving quite a headache.

Luckily, the eyes see beauty to make us smile and what better than a photo of my favourite: a sunset.

Taken on a couple of days of sheer bliss, filled with love and happiness.

It will all even out and the body will recuperate, the inspiration will come back.

In the meantime, enjoy the view.

Satisfying Successes

That feeling when you awake and everything is stiff. A small simple movement registers how sore your body is. Tight muscles across your shoulders, down your stomach and even in your buttocks. Your knuckles and fingertips feel swollen and sore, very very sore.

You feel every bump, every scrape, every bruise throbbing as your body comes to life. keep reading