You are probably wondering if I have three feet. Well, that would be telling wouldn’t it!

The reason this blog is entitled ‘Three Footed Yogi’ is simple, I’m either in climbing shoes, high heel shoes or bare footed while trying to master breathing techniques in positions that feel like they are sending all of my organs south.

In a way my choice of footwear is quite ironic, especially when you place a gorgeous sparkly shoe next to a chalk covered aggressive down turned climbing shoe. Although I have to admit, both are equally painful.

But this isn’t all about what I put my feet through, more like their journey – along with the other parts of me – mainly being my mind.

I’m a girl who can never master one thing, I am beginner of many – master of none. Follow my feet and I on our journey’s and see if one day I actually do master something and along the way, I hope I can entertain, help and inspire you.

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