Its Ok

It’s ok to not be perfect.

We put so much onus on being the perfect society model of a human being. Not just our physical sides but our emotional sides too.

We are told to be kind, happy, smiley people. To not be judgmental of others, to bring joy and happiness to every day.

Every health magazine has an insta fitness guru adorning its cover. Even without the multitude of airbrushing, their abs shine through as much as their pearly whites. They fill their instagram posts with positive quotes, food we should eat and ideas of how we should be thinking and feeling.

When in reality, the food will look nothing like it does in the pictures. Sometimes no matter how much we tell ourselves to be positive, there are times when it just isn’t possible. In reality, regardless of being told to be happy and being influenced to hide how we are really feeling, we just can’t do it.

We can’t help that little voice in our heads from judging the pretty girl with the slim body ¬†walking down the street. We can’t stop that bitchiness and jealousy rising when someone has something that we desperately wanted.

We aren’t perfect.

Neither is that pretty girl, or the instagram stars or the people you watched at the awards ceremony last night.

There is something about themselves or their lives that they will deem imperfect. They have a shaving rash, a missing tooth you can’t see, they might have confidence issues or an illness they aren’t willing to share with the world. You may not be aware of their imperfections, but they are there.

We all have those wicked thoughts. No matter what people may say, it’s not realistic to prevent your negative thoughts. You can’t stop that judgement or jealousy from rising.

And do you know what.

It’s ok.

Take ownership of your thoughts. You are jealous and judgemental because you allow yourself to be, it has nothing to do with the person you think these thoughts are towards. Realise this. Acknowledge your thought. And move on.

Enjoy the food you eat. Have that¬†imperfect day of gorging on junk food. But know that your body also needs its nutrition, that said, it probably won’t be an Insta worthy looking meal. Guess what, that’s ok! Your food is to eat not to share with the world.

You woke up on the wrong side of the bed. So? You are allowed to be grumpy but don’t let it affect your whole day. You don’t have to wake up with a smile absolutely every day. It isn’t physically possible. Own it. It’s ok.

You have wobbly bits, do they bother you or do they bother the image you think society is asking you to portray. EVERYONE has wobbly bits. Or grey hair. Or cellulite. Or hair in unwanted places. Only change these things if they bother you, no-one else, just you.

Don’t change to fit an image that has been sold as perfect. Change for yourself. Change to fit your imperfections.

Be fearless and be you.

It’s ok.

Because perfect doesn’t exist.

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