Goodbye January, you didn’t get me.

January is a sh*tty crappy month (pardon my language).

I think problems seem more intense in January. The bleakness of the days, the longevity of darkness, the rain – especially in the UK!

This added with the fact that Christmas feels a million miles away can leave us feeling somewhat dreary ourselves.

I’m not sure how it feels for you and I’m not usually one for seasonal disorders but this January has felt particularly long and dark.

I’m longing for extended daylight and a little more warmth.

There are two things that have helped get me through this January of 2018:

The first was a very thoughtful Christmas gift from my lovely friend – Fearne Cotton’s Happy Journal

Each evening I have written a little something in this journal. I’ve mapped good days and not so good days. Writing on its pages has been good therapy and has made me realise I should get things off my chest and write more (maybe not everything on this platform though).

Off the back of this journal I have purchased Fearne’s other books ‘Happy and ‘Calm. I’m not as far through these as I’d like and although I’m 85% sure I haven’t suffered depression, I’ve been in bleak places and have seen people in dark places; Fearne’s openness with her own experience is a welcome read. I do find the activities in it a little tedious but they force me to look inside my own head and heart – which can only be a good thing!

The second is yoga.

If you’ve read any previous posts you can tell I’ve got an on/off relationship with yoga. But this month I switched up previous yoga routines with a program called TRUE30. This is a 30 day yoga experience with the fantastic Adriene. I’ve absolutely loved this series and it has helped me to get through January immensely. Hand on heart I have not missed a single day and it’s been a true constant throughout this ugly month.

Adriene is a loving, inspirational individual. Her sessions are funny and relaxed and no matter beginner or advanced yogi, she’ll make you feel at ease on the mat. Even from a phone screen! Namaste to that.

So now we’re on 30th January, we’re nearly there. I don’t want to wish the year away, but with all due respect, January – do one. Good riddance.

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