Blogging is hard!

I know no-one said it would be easy, no one also said it would be hard! But I have decided blogging is quite difficult and I have a new found respect for those who have excelled, hit it off and have successful blogs and those with actual blogging careers! (not that I ever set out to attain that!)

The trouble I have?

Finding things to blog about.

I’ve come to the conclusion that this could be down to a number of reasons.

  1. I live an extremely boring life where nothing happens
  2. I pay absolutely no attention to life and the things going on around me
  3. I am unorganised and can never remember to jot things down if they seem like a good idea
  4. My hobbies are boring or I just don’t like them enough
  5. I never have time to think about what to blog
  6. I’m lazy

Now, these are all pretty negative things to say and in no way what I wanted this blog to be about. Not very mindful either!

But how the hell do I get out of this rut and actually write something useful or entertaining? How do I find the time between food prepping and cooking (I’m trying to eat healthy), exercise, climbing, yoga, work, family, partner, housework and general life to actually take time to sit. Then there are the pictures, where do I get adequate pictures that are all mine? I don’t want to use standard images, I want to use mine, mine all mine. But then I have to actually go out and find suitable things to take pictures of. That aren’t repetitive. That relate to the subject. That’s easier said than done!

So fellow bloggers, let’s put a positive spin on this and get talking.

How do you get your ideas for blog posts?

How often do you write and when do you find the time?

Do you have any hints and tips for other bloggers that may be in the same position and could use some help?

Please comment below and let’s get a discussion going (in other words please please please comment below and give me some help!)

5 thoughts on “Blogging is hard!

  1. It’s hard to come up with blog posts. My sister and I both and we bounce ideas off of each other and we ask for help with certain posts. Also, if there are some articles that you really enjoy and think you have a different spin on things, write your own version of that article. It’s your blog, you can write about whatever you want. 🙂

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  2. Firstly, I’d say get out of the mindset that your life is boring. Why is it boring? What are you comparing your life to?
    Within the last paragraph you give me so much information, you do yoga, you exercise, you work, you climb, you have a family… These are interesting things! I don’t climb, so that’s interesting to me. I’ve only just started doing yoga, so hearing about it from others is interesting too. What work do you do? Who is in your family? And, if you want to get personal, what are a few moments you and your family have shared?

    You said you’re lazy too, well the above doesn’t seem the actions of a lazy person! It seems like an excuse 😉 (An excuse I make myself far, far, far too much!)

    Your other reasons though, I think you nail. Not being observant, and not being organised. But these are things you can learn if you’re willing. They’re well worth it, believe me 🙂

    My advice would be to get organised. When you get an idea, write it down. Don’t have a pen? Send a text to your partner. Get the WordPress app and save one paragraph, one sentence, even one word, as a draft. There are so many ways to keep an idea from disappearing and they don’t require any extra work besides just noting it down. The more you practice this, hopefully the more you actually start to notice… I find, and this might just be me, that if I haven’t written in ages then I have no ideas… But the more I write, the more ideas I get. I find that, if I haven’t taken any photos in ages, the less inclined I am to see something to photograph… But, if I’ve been doing practicing my photography that week, I walk around town on my lunch seeing potential shot after potential shot.

    As for the photos? I haven’t mastered that myself yet (and I’m a photographer), but I’d say don’t let it hold you back. Just write. Get that bit sorted first. Let photos and things come later. You’ll drown in a list of ‘To Dos’ if you start that. Just make sure you have the foundation, the writing and go from there.

    Sorry if this seems really forceful, coming from a complete and utter stranger that’s just stumbled on your blog, but I see so many of my own reasons for not doing more in the reasons you presented; I see so much of what holds me back that I try to combat and, hopefully, have helped a little in you combating them yourself.

    I have one final point: You CAN write. Look at this response that you’ve compelled me to sit down and write. I enjoyed your post and resonated with it that much, that I had to sit and write this all down as a response. Don’t get in the way of yourself, be disciplined, and make time for it. More over, just be honest in your posts, be true, and simply… Write 🙂

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  3. Everything you do is unique, and will be of interest to someone. That healthy food you say you’ve been making, what is it, how do you make it, and why did you choose that recipe? That photo from the top that mountain you just climbed, I’ve never seen that view!

    As we go through the day a million things spark our interest. I found I was having my best ideas in the shower, but never wrote about them because I never had the time (I was usually on my way to work). So I started making a list of blog ideas on my Google Keep app. Now I have a list of possible posts which I never use because there’s always something else interesting to write about, lol. But it’s great to have something to fall back on if I have to.

    For photos I am lucky enough to have a decent collection of photos on Flickr that I can use in my posts. I’ll usually find something vaguely connected to what I’m writing about that I can drop in somewhere. If you just start generating images for your own amusement and let them build up you’ll find you soon have plenty to choose from.

    Everything you know is unique to you, and combines in your head in a way that occurs nowhere else in the world. If you write about it someone will read it, and like it. And if you can enjoy doing it just for yourself that will translate onto the page, and that will translate into a following.

    Forget about stats, or comparing your blog with others. Do it for you and enjoy it and you’re onto a winner already. 😀

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  4. You’re right when you say blogging is difficult, because it is. As for ideas, I keep a running google doc that I can connect to on my laptop, phone, and tablet, and jot down ideas as they come to me each day. I also recommend reading as many other blogs and books as you can get your hands on because they will enrich your mind with ideas.

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