New Direction

So it appears my feet are going in a slightly different direction to what I anticipated.

Along with my mind.

When I first started this blog, I never thought that fitness would become even more a part of my life than it already was. I did yoga and a bit of rock climbing. That was it. I wasn’t that interested in wanting to do more.

This has now evolved to receiving personal training at a gym (entering a gym, something I thought would never happen) and more recently I have started to run.

Yes run.


I can’t believe I tried let alone actually did it.

I have now ran on four separate occasions, the last being an achievement of 5k without stopping.

What has gotten into me!?

Ah, yes. An inflatable obstacle course and 5k run whilst being chased by zombies. This weekend.

That’ll do it.

This time last year I wouldn’t have even considered doing something so active. Let alone agree to it.

I can’t exactly pinpoint when the change happened or what the trigger was, all I know is that now I have a slightly different mindset when it comes to exercise.

Being that I actually do it! Or at least attempt with only the occasional stroppy school girl pout.

And although it’s a slow and controlled process, it’s making me healthier and stronger and I’m starting to see the benefits as well as feel them.

So my feet are literally taking me on a new physical journey and they have nice bright shoes to accompany them.

I can say I’m not ‘winning’ all I want while I’m panting, running along lobster red in the face; but deep down secretly with each step, I know that in a way I’ve already won.

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