There are many things in life that I admire:

A pair of pretty shoes (obviously).

Muscles in a climbers arms and back.

Sunsets and pretty flowers.

Peoples ability to help others, no questions asked.

Tom Hardy.

People who chase their dreams.

Jason Statham.

Mmmmm……Tom Hardy and Jason Statham……… sorry getting side-tracked.

Let’s go back to ‘people who chase their dreams’.

I’m still waiting for my particular dream to surface. That one thing you want, that you will do anything to make come true – I don’t think winning the lottery counts.

My friend, however, had a dream. To travel to Australasia. Solo.

That right there, is admiring. To quit your job, pack a rucksack and say goodbye to friends and family. Flying solo, to a place full of strangers. Staying in unknown places, a bed not as soft or hard, smells and noises out of the norm.

To have the courage to take on something so exhilarating and exciting – I can’t even imagine. Needless to say, I admire my friend an awful amount. Yes I will miss her like crazy, I am missing her like crazy. But she is doing this scary amazing thing for herself. Something that she will never forget, something that will shape who she is. She will have stories to tell for years to come, new friends to be made for a lifetime and who knows what she will find on her travels. Friendship, love, new job, herself?

I admire this because it is something I don’t think I would have the courage to do.

I admire her because I know how hard it was for her to get on that plane.

I admire those who know what they want, who go for it, who chase it.

When you do that, there is only one outcome.

You get it.


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