From Exercise to Exorcism – a tale of escape

The room was creepy, lit only by a small bulb. The window’s natural light blocked by strange orange material. Casting an eerie glow across the faces of the many  dolls staring out from the crowded cabinet. Evil eyes stare back at you from the various pictures scattered across the walls.  Decapitated dolls lay lifeless……


That morning, I’d been out for my first ever run, a proud achievement. I surprised myself with the fact that I only walked the minimal amount of 500m, out of 5k. The day was going well.

Then I got locked up.

In a room where things move, apparitions appear and an exorcism is ready to be performed.

In a room where we had to work as a team and actually use our brains. Talk about blowing the cobwebs away!

We had to escape. At all costs. Either that or the crazy lady and headless dolls would be our undoing…..

We jumped, we screamed (the boys too), we thought we were goners.

For 60 minutes we were on our toes, on tenterhooks and getting quite desperate to escape. We used our brains to the point my head started to hurt, or was that the high pitched screaming???

Fifty-eight minutes passed. Possibly the longest fifty-eight minutes of our lives. But on that fifty-eighth minute, we escaped.

Slightly scared but unscathed.


We escaped the Poltergeist room. One of six escape rooms playable at Puzzlair Bristol.

Keeping your wits about you while you try and figure out clues and break locks is quite challenging. This is a very clever and well thought out puzzle with links between sections working really well and a setup that is pretty cool, if be it a little scary.

It is all very cleverly controlled by the Puzzlair team who will give you screamingly good clues if you get a little stuck. They are a very sneaky Puzzlair team….

If you’ve never tried an escape room before, I highly recommend Puzzlair and if you have managed to escape a few in your time, try the Poltergeist room next.

And here’s a challenge, try the Poltergeist room on Halloween! It is scarily perfect to give you a few brain chills and a bit of hauntingly good fun.

We escaped from the grip of the ghost, but will you……………..?

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