Happiness, Positivity and Jealousy

There is nothing greater than feeling a sense of relaxation that comes with happiness. That moment when you are laughing with friends and you look at them and realise you are completely uninhibited. That moment as you open your eyes after a calming meditation or when you look at your partner with love and adoration while just sitting and being.

Whatever and wherever your happiness comes from, it’s a blessing to treasure.

But sometimes, happiness promotes a great sense of jealousy in  others, in those who haven’t found their own peace.

No matter how much you try and explain how just some simple changes can be beneficial, some people are not willing to let go of their grief, of their past. They aren’t willing to stop worrying about their future and concern themselves too much with what others have.

They live behind a mask. Pretending to be happy with what they have in life. Saying all the right things, but when it comes down to it, their bitterness and jealousy shines through. Like a beacon for help. An SOS.

But there is no helping them until they are open to change. Until they reflect and realise that it is their own being that is holding them back. Keeping them in the dark depths of their primitive minds.

It takes just one step, one moment to listen but until they have their comfy shoes on, they aren’t going to start that journey.

Being surrounded by such negativity can affect your own mind and your own positivity. It has a way of dragging you down, it makes you frustrated and triggers your own mind to start thinking the worse.

It is at times like these where you need to take time to yourself. To relax, be calm and find your happiness again. Of course you want with all your heart to help those with their challenges, by all means feel and connect with them but remember, they are not your challenges.

Surrounding yourself with positivity, being kind and doing things you love will all help towards a healthy, happy and positive mind. Of course you can’t always do this but as soon as you make yourself aware again, you’ve taken a step back onto the path.

As for those who get jealous of your own happiness, they’re yet to find the direction to their own path.

(I was sent the quote in the picture by a very kind and beautiful soul and it couldn’t be more true.)

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