Being You

For some reason, as a society, we always want what other people have or want to be like others.

So many of us try to dress like others, try to fit in by wearing what we think are the correct clothes. Ok so in some cases there are etiquettes where you have to wear certain attire. But for the most we can wear what we like.

So why do we choose to be like everyone else instead.

We are individuals so why do we choose not to be.

I get that there are trends and fashion to follow and to be fair this helps us with our individuality.

Recently when packing a case to go on a trip with a group, I found myself wondering what the other girls were wearing, what they would be taking.
I didn’t want to feel the odd one out.

I over packed, took a bit of everything and decided on comfy clothes for the journey.

Upon seeing the first girl, I wish I too had worn my skinny jeans and a cute jumper. Slightly jealous of how good she looked.

So upon these thoughts I chastised myself and start to write.

Far too often we dress for other people, we make ourselves uncomfortable to look good not feel good. But when we dress to fit in, wearing something so tight it hurts or you can’t sit down for long periods; we aren’t being true to ourselves.

Be an individual, not a sheep.

If you want to wear your heels to feel good, do it.

If you want to wear your hoody and baggy trousers, be comfortable.

As long as it is for you and how it makes you feel, preferably good.

Go forth and be you.

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