Satisfying Successes

That feeling when you awake and everything is stiff. A small simple movement registers how sore your body is. Tight muscles across your shoulders, down your stomach and even in your buttocks. Your knuckles and fingertips feel swollen and sore, very very sore.

You feel every bump, every scrape, every bruise throbbing as your body comes to life.

You stretch and it feels good, in fact every ache, every sore spot, every bruise feels good.

It indicates that you’ve worked hard, you’ve had a good session. Your body has been pushed and its rewarding you by letting you feel it.

It’s a satisfying feeling.

Just as satisfying as having an extremely good outdoor bouldering day. And not just any ordinary bouldering day, but one that was a long time coming. For this day, was a first.

And what better way for a first experience to go, than for it to be successful.

From the very beginning with the the beautiful sun shining on a stunning clear Easter Good Friday, to the warmth on bare arms and shoulders, the birdsong, the radiant blue sky, the outstanding moors and ending with a well earned pint of chilled cider.

The rock, unlike the rock already climbed when sport climbing outdoors, was sharp and gritty. Giving good friction for little feet but boy are the fingers feeling it this morning. Trying a particular climb over and over again caused fingers to shed layers of skin like a reptile, but it is now a project that is there for the return.

But the best part of the day? Gaining a bit more confidence. Preparing for what is to come and proving that it can be done.

I may have walked away with a few cuts, scrapes and bruises and have woken to a body that feels as stiff as a corpse; but I’m enjoying the satisfying sensation.

And I’ve finally acknowledged, I’m better than I thought I was!

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