Going on an Adventure

Soon the Three Footed Yogi will be going on an adventure.

It is an adventure that hasn’t been undertaken by her before.

To be fair it won’t be a particularly big adventure. It’s not set to be challenging, life threatening or life changing – at least not for everyone else.

But for the Three Footed Yogi it could quite possible be all of these things. For she isn’t an overly adventurous little bear. She’s not known to push herself very often, she’s grumpy when she is cold, has a slight lack of confidence and can be quite shy.

So although this upcoming adventure involves all of her much loved home comforts, there are definitely going to be some life lessons, climbing lessons and maybe she’ll learn something in her yoga practice too.

New moves, new climbs and hopefully some new friends.

There will be barriers to break down, moods to control and more than likely lots of breathing techniques and meditation!

The Three Footed Yogi is going to have to play nice, to push herself, to watch, to listen and to actually learn.

It won’t be the kind of adventure that other people go on, but for her, mentally and physically it’s going to be a big one.

Hopefully by the end of the week, she will come away with new skills, a new mindset and fingers crossed a stronger body! (we can dream)

And lots not forget, she will also come away with some very very sore fingers.

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