Absolutely Cragging

Regardless of dogging the hell out of a climb, when the Three Footed Yogi did an awesome high foot rock over the other weekend, there was a huge sense of achievement.

For some, getting from start to finish of most things is the only way it can be called successful.

For me it can be achieving a new or big move, getting half way up something so hard I thought I’d never ever get off the floor or trusting my feet on things so small no one else would have used them, even without realising I had!

Having been told many times before that climbing isn’t just about arm strength but also foot placement and legs, I actually now believe them. In fact I think I am starting to learn a few things – at last!

Success doesn’t have to be measured in the completion of something. You can find many successful moments on the journey.

However small or big the moment, they may seem insignificant to others, but it is how significant they are to you that matters.

So what, I had to rest.

So what, I didn’t get it first go.

The fact that I am trying and learning is successful in itself. Getting to the top is just a bonus for me.

All in all, an absolutely cragging achievement!

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