Birthday Dilemmas

It’s my birthday soon and with all these new things I now love to do, it’s really hard to answer the question:

‘What would you like for your birthday?’

I’m very lucky to have a husband who loves to spoil me on my birthday. But that doesn’t help matters, despite what he thinks I don’t like to ask for things let along anything expensive!

I’m pretty much like any woman. I love clothes, handbags, jewellery and shoes – obviously.

But I also like yoga, climbing and now blogging.

(yes I know there are worse dilemmas that people are facing in the world, but I like to keep this blog fairly happy and positive. It may seem like I am burying my head in the sand but it doesn’t mean I don’t think of it)

So, is it to be a new pair of shoes? I have lots!

A new pair of climbing shoes maybe? there is nothing wrong with the two pairs I have. Yet.

Yoga and climbing clothes? I have a fair few, could do with more I guess…..

More fitness equipment? To join everything else left gathering dust?

Laptop bag? Notebook? Boring and have.

World Peace?

I can’t ask for World Peace. I’m not a Miss World contestant and plus that would take a miracle.

I definitely believe you can never have too  many clothes and pairs of shoes, that also applies to climbing and yoga. But I had shoes last year…….


OMG I LOVE SHOES!! Last year’s gifts.

Although I can’t have World Peace, I can still have inner peace and do you know what?

It must be my birthday already because I’m getting close to inner peace and it feels pretty good. I just have to harness that feeling to keep it with me at all times. Shouldn’t be too hard, I am a climber…..

(harness, get it? ……. never mind.)

and yes, I did make the cake in the picture.

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