Sunset State

Some people see sunsets as the end to a day. Yes certainly they do happen at the end of a day, daylight fades and gives way to the night. Darkness helping to illuminate the artificial light or the sparkling stars and mystical moon.

Personally I absolutely adore sunsets. The colours that spread and dance through the sky. Glowing and lighting up dark clouds, casting rosy reflections on all that holds a reflection.

But they aren’t just a signal to the end of a day, they are the promise of a new day, for if the sun is setting in our eyes, it will soon be rising in someone else’s. Bringing a new day, a new sunrise and a new promise.

Both sunsets and sunrises feel me with a warmth not from the sun. Regardless of the mood I was in prior, when I watch a sunset you know that I am filled with happiness and a sense of calm. Photos that I take of a beautiful sunset, capture this warmth for me to enjoy long after the day has set.


State of Mind

3 thoughts on “Sunset State

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