Supporting the Beginners

Why is it, no one sits up and listens until you get really good at something?

Yes I know you are supposed to do things for yourself and I do… most of the time.

But sometimes it’s nice to have someone fighting for the beginners.

Sure there are videos and support for those just getting in to something. But I have found, with climbing and yoga, climbing especially, that the standard (un)helpful prompt is ‘just do….’

I don’t think ‘just do’ whatever you are telling me to, is going to work. Sometimes you just need a little more help than what those who can ‘do everything’ are offering.

Just use your core –  I don’t have any core yet, that’s why I’m doing this!

Just put your foot up there – look I’m working on my flexibility, but I can not put my foot by my ear.

Just reach up and grab that – I’m 5’4 – really?

You follow people on social media that inspire you, but sometimes they make you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere. They have thousands of followers, everyone likes everything they post, they are good at everything they do. But you are good too, just a different level of good.

Just because you aren’t making your hobby the centre of your entire life. Just because you don’t eat, live and breathe that hobby. Doesn’t mean you aren’t good and shouldn’t have the support that the experienced get.

It’s hard to get people to sit up and notice you (if you want them to that is).

So to my fellow bloggers, yogis and climbers who are all still beginners.

I’m here.

I’ll support you, follow you, we can be beginners together no matter how long.

(support bra, get it?)

3 thoughts on “Supporting the Beginners

  1. It’s pretty difficult to get support when you’re just setting out. I agree. Sometimes, though, social media also has a way of making ‘those experts’ look glamorous – sometimes it’s just a hype.
    So, keep at it, never give in or give up.
    The ‘experts’ also started out as beginners.
    I’m glad you’re also supporting others. All the Best.


  2. Very important post. The right yoga teachers always care for the beginners. My favourite yoga teacher knows how to guide me into poses I find difficult with a gentle touch. She never tells me to “just do it,” she helps me get into the pose and feel what it is supposed to feel like so that I can replicate it later. It can help to speak to a yoga teacher and express a need for gentle hands-on adjustments (if you are comfortable with that). Hopefully you can find the right teacher who gives you what you need!

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