I just got stuck.

Up the wall.


I really did.

I was trying the yoga pose, Viparita Karani. Basically legs straight up the wall, back on the floor.

Sounds simple right?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


Well it’s not difficult per se. Trying to get your butt as close to the wall as you can is quite hard, especially with a plug socket in the way. Just as well it wasn’t turned on.

But it’s really relaxing once you are up. Once you’ve shimmed across the floor in an effort to get as close as possible. Walked your feet up the wall hoping you have nothing stuck to your foot that will leave a dirty smear up it (my house is clean by the way, you just never know!)

The most difficult bit is coming down.

That’s where I got stuck.

I couldn’t swing left for fear of karate chopping the door with my foot and I couldn’t swing right for fear of smashing the cabinet.

The only way out was directly behind.

I started to panic. I can’t roly poly backwards! From the wall! I’ll break my neck, my head, my back. No one will find me for hours and I really need to PEE!

I was stuck.

Up the wall.

Needing a wee.

Oh crap.


5 thoughts on “Stuck

      • We used to do a stretch in martial arts we called going to the wall.

        You face the wall and scoot towards it in a sit while someone pulls your feet.

        Well, I was 15 and really flexible so I could go all the way without a spotter behind me to keep me from escaping. Which meant that when I got stuck, there was no one to get me unstuck. The easy release was to fall over backwards and tuck knees to roll out of it.

        Much laughter was had by all. In fact, they were laughing too hard to help me! But then, so was I…

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