My Guilty Pleasure

And it’s not cake, there is nothing guilty about my indulgence in cake. Ok maybe a little guilt.

Rocky Balboa and the Rocky films.

If there is one thing to say about the Rocky films, it’s that they are all most definitely, emotional – at least for me!

The most recent in the franchise, Creed, is no different.

Considering my other film and book choices, you wouldn’t think that I have seen every Rocky movie, have every one on DVD. My secret indulgence. I don’t even particularly like boxing.

With the Creed movie, at first I thought ‘who is this arrogant strange character they are introducing to my favourite movie franchise?’

But I needn’t have worried. Despite my instant dislike to the modern techno dance music (or whatever genre it is), there was a perfect balance of old and new.

Those old tunes you instantly recognise and that infamous melody that sends shivers through your body. Making hairs stand on end.

In perfect Rocky style, it actually wasn’t long before I warmed to the new character. Hoping for the best, really getting in his corner (yes pun intended).

Then the thought of losing my secret hero, Rocky Balboa, had me holding back the tears as a wave of emotion lapped over me.

To make matters worse, the growing relationship between old and new characters, into a family, tugged at the heart strings even more.

Successfully as with all the others, there I was sat on the edge of my seat for the final fight.

Mindlessly commenting on the fight with phrases I don’t even really know. I’m no boxing fan. A range of emotions flooding the system: excitement, nervousness, joy, sadness.

The Rocky films always manage to tap into my emotional side (although to be fair thats really not that hard!)

But mostly, I can’t even tell you how overjoyed I was that they didn’t kill off Rocky Balboa. I think I would have mourned as if losing a real person!

Maybe I’m a little too attached ………

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