I Can Do It

Well actually I couldn’t do it, but very nearly almost did, I tried at least.

After writing I Can’t Do It, I decided that I needed to harness (climbing pun not intended) a bit more positivity.

Regardless of the crappy weather outside, today started positively. A sun salutation and beautiful mindful yoga session at home and then onwards to the climbing gym.

Ok so the lack of parking wasn’t so positive.

For once I actually warmed up (when I say warmed up I did a couple of arm swings, downward dogs and a few stretches, then proceeded to hang on a few holds). Actually now I can say, don’t underestimate the power of warming up, especially in a cold climbing gym in winter!

There would be no ‘I can’t’ today, maybe a few ‘hmmm I don’t know if I can but I’ll try’.

And I did that.

I tried.

I tried things I knew I more than likely couldn’t do, I tried things I had already done, I tried things I thought I wouldn’t do and actually found quite easy. And after all that I even tried and successfully completed, a circuit.

The positivity pushed me to keep trying and although there is one particular climb that is bugging the hell out of me, it’s given me something to work on. Another project.

I just have to find a way to grow a tad taller. That’s feasible, right?

Ok so I came out with extremely sore fingers and toes that still haven’t unfurled after a 3.5 hour session, but the most positive thing…….?

The most positive thing after all that, my nail varnish was hardly chipped – get in!

(climbing girls, I highly recommend Nails Inc varnish!)


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