To the Memory of Walt and Joan

A nice long walk in the winter isn’t just great for your health and fitness, especially when it involves a couple of hundred steep muddy steps, its also a great opportunity to clear your mind. Letting the crisp winds breeze through, making way for the Spring thats still to come and a perfect opportunity for photos. 

On our walk today, I came across the above heart tied to a tree. Not far from it was a bench, To the Memory of Walt and Joan. I couldn’t help but wonder if this little rag heart was made from the fabric of Walt and Joan’s life and in my head I started connecting to this unknown couple. Sharing the same views we were at that precise moment.

Sitting and clearing their heads, eating a picnic, watching the planes get lower as they came in to land at a nearby airport. How did they manage those steps that made my legs and lungs burn? How often did they come to this calming place?

It gave me a warming glow to think that just a simple thing like a walk and a pleasant view, could bring people so much joy that they wish to be remembered in that spot for years to come. Connecting with strangers they will never meet, providing comfort so people could enjoy the same things they did.

It’s a reminder that we can all be connected in some way and a reminder that we should enjoy the little things in life. Those small moments that can easily be forgotten in times of anger and sadness, those are the moments to hold on to and remember, those moments that make you smile, those moments that make you happy.

Winter Walk

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