Live Post of Randomness

Today is a day off for me. From work that is. So here I am sat in my conservatory, the sun warming my back (seriously it’s so warm I’m going to be sat in a bikini in a minute, the thermometer says 33 degrees celsius!), the birds are chirping away and the squirrels are playing in the trees behind (noisy little rascals).

I have some hot cross buns and a mug of chai latte, sat on my Zafu meditation cushion, laptop on lap (how ironic it’s called a laptop!)

I have to say, this is actually bliss.

I’ve spent the morning doing some exercise (I should go careful, this exercise thing is becoming a regular occurrence), a spot of relaxation yoga (because I was too knackered to do anything more extreme) and some vacuuming (oh I live the high life).

Hang on,  I need to open the door before I suffocate!

That’s better. Ooh breezy.

Where was I, ah yes, so now I’m relaxing, catching some much needed vitamin D. Writing a post that has absolutely no direction whatsoever.

That’s right, I’m writing live. No pre notebook post, no ideas flying around. Just the laptop, my fingers and the sun.

There are no helpful yoga poses, no stretches, no tales of climbing. No Valentine’s Post (I had a lovely day thank you for asking).

Oh listen to that! Over the banging and shouting of the noisy bin men, its a woodpecker! His rhythmic pecks echoing in the woods.

There isn’t really much point to this post at all, only to bide time and see what nonsense my brain can come out with on the spot (at least I’m not typing angry obscenities like I would have been if I’d been posting during my workout earlier. I nearly died I tell you, NEARLY DIED!)

People should do this more often, not nearly die silly, just have a day off to relax. Don’t stay in bed all day though as that’s a waste (I would know, it’s what I normally do).

It’s very calming. Or maybe that’s because I’ve actually achieved quite a bit today, compared to a normal day off. The biggest achievement being that I haven’t even touched the chocolate digestives in the cupboard, let alone eaten the whole packet! I know you are there chocolate digestives, I can sense you and smell you through the MDF, but I’m being good so SHUT UP!

It’s so nice to just sit and listen to nature, the planes passing overhead, the gentle rustle of leaves in the breeze (once the bin men have sodded off, bloody disruptive noisy buggers). It’s like being on holiday but not being on holiday. I guess I’m quite lucky to have such a nice place to sit, but you can make any area in your house a nice place to sit.

Even if you live in a small apartment in a noisy city, a terraced house on a main road or a secluded lodge cabin in the woods (nice but probably a bit scary).

Just add things you love, some cushions, music, a comfy chair, candles, books (not close to each other, that’s a fire hazard). Place them near a window where you can see the sun beaming or the rain streaming. Whatever the weather it’s nice to sit and listen to the sounds that play outside or watch as people bustle by.

A place to chill, a place to be happy, a place that is yours.

Well would you look at that, I have a nice long post. Apologies if you got bored half way through but thank you because if you are reading this it means you stuck with it!

It kind of did have a little direction towards the end. If you have a  calming ‘Me’ space, let me know what it’s like in the comments below.

Thanks for sticking with the nonsense peeps!


(oh maybe I shouldn’t have opened that door…….)

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