Juggle the Blog

I’ve read so many articles on blogging. I wrote notes and tried to understand what the authors were all saying. Admittedly a lot of them were trying to get some kind of commission based pay from their opinions and recommendations of blog sites and domains.

I thought I had got the gist, they say to find a niche and stick to it. But when I look through my posts I’m not 100% sure that I am sticking to my niche.

But do you know what? I quite like the way it’s heading (blows own trumpet). What’s wrong with some random sporadic posts? Something to make someone chuckle, forget their rubbish day if even for a few minutes. I don’t want to be too serious, I want to help people through laughter.

Ok so I’m not a professional at anything I do. I climb once a week if that and I’m stuck on ‘beginner’ yoga. I don’t claim to be a guru or the next Shauna Coxsey (climbers will understand this reference).

I may not have the competitive streak that many possess or the desire to push myself, but if I’m comfortable with that, is there a problem?

The only issue I can think of is running out of things to blog about within my so called ‘niche’.

Sure I have hopes and dreams but I don’t appear to have the drive for them.

I could put a lot of effort into all of these things I do, but then I am just living to make a point. That I can.

Then my life will become all about making that point and I’m sure it is then that I stop enjoying those said things.

So I’m just going to enjoy everything.

I’m going to enjoy climbing the grades that I can, it’s my hobby not my living.

I’m going to enjoy my gentle yoga, I’m not aspiring to be a teacher.

And I’m going to enjoy posting to my blog, to make my 24 kind followers smile.

Admittedly I’d like to get more traffic here, a few more comments, more followers, but this will take time – it’s not even been a month (must not be impatient).

In time I’m sure I will want to get better at yoga, try the harder poses, or move up a grade in climbing.

But like I said in the beginning, juggling is bloody hard work!

How am I to fit it all in this little life of mine?

Thank goodness for a spot of meditation because I could easily be stressing out about this. Not that I am meditating right now. As I pen this post (I have a notebook I post in before going electronic) I’m sat watching the strong gang beast all the hard climbs. I’ve had my session, I’m cool with watching now.

So, I’m still juggling, but I’m still blogging too – meaning I’ve added something new to the juggle.

Hopefully I’m getting good at something.

Praise, advice and even criticism welcome (that’s brave of me don’t you think!)


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