Things I Learned on the Weekend

So there were a few things that I learnt this past wet and windy weekend. Not necessarily life changing, but helpful to me nonetheless: 

  • Work a climb – I found this much more rewarding than just completing one or having one or two attempts. As long as the big boys aren’t stood watching me continuously try and fail until I get it!
  • How to make a ribbon bow using my fingers – completely random thing but I was doing a bit of craft.
  • The best place for Falafel Pitta’s – enough said.
  • Don’t put your hood up and then rush out of the car – you will then hit your head on the door frame resulting in immense pain and a big lump. Oh and all the other drivers passing will laugh or stare in pity.
  • Invest in a rain coat. I have one, it was all the other stupid people walking around. Miserably wet in their felt fashion coats. Sometimes comfort has to outweigh fashion, with the rain we’ve had on the weekend, it was one of those occasions!
  • My fitness needs improving – after a couple of ‘circuit’ style exercises, a sparring session and ten minutes of yoga, I was absolutely knackered. Felt reasonably good though.
  • Trying to write after a session of bouldering is extremely difficult. Gripping a pen is a whole lot worse than crimping a hold!!
  • After a weekend of lots of exercising, don’t sit down for too long. You will definitely cease! Somebody give me a hand up, please…. hello, anyone???

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