King of Falafels

On this horribly miserable, wet and windy day there was sunshine and rainbows in the Three Footed Yogi’s world.

It may have involved getting a little wet, some shouting and raised tempers, circling the block for ten minutes while trying to find parking and then waiting to park on a busy main road for a further 5 minutes while inconsiderate fellow drivers whizzed past.

But despite nearly getting blown away, looking like a retired clown with mascara running down my face and almost running over a couple of pedestrians (please don’t walk behind a reversing car for goodness sake get some sense!) The falafel shop shone like a beacon.

Brightening my damp miserable day. Eluding warmth, welcoming me inside its magical aura. Arabian music calling out to my soul and pretty lanterns dazzling my eyes.

And then came my turn in the queue, I could see the little balls of chickpeas and spice, almost taste them.

Do I have Pitta of Laffa?

What salad shall I have?

Do I have sides?

I decided to stick with a soft warm pitta, smothered inside with humous and a few warm falafels. A layer of white cabbage and shredded carrot came next with tomato salad on top and another layer of falafels.

I decided to play safe and refrain from the red cabbage, who wants to look like a wet bedraggled vampire on a Saturday afternoon? Not me. Beside that I would have been in a right mess trying to keep a soggy pitta full to the brim together while dislocating my jaw.

Throw in a bit of tabbouleh, a couple more balls and hey presto – the King of Falafels.

A side of olives, a spot of elderflower pressé Рlunch fit for the Queen (or the Three Footed Yogi, nearly the same)

Just as well I’d prepared myself with a few circuits, a bit of sparring and some yoga this morning!

My craving has been fulfilled, my fix finally satisfied.

Until next week…..

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