Where are the Flipping Falafels!!!?

Oh. My. Goodness.

I can not express my sheer disappointment enough.

I actually felt like crying. I was going to pass out. My stomach was crying out like a thunderstorm and my head had convinced my heart it could have whatever it desired. Stupid head. Even more stupid heart for believing stupid head!

During my journey of trying to balance my life of work, yoga, climbing and now blogging (another post on how this is going will come soon) I have decided to do a kind act for charity.

Become a Vegetarian. For a month.

Now to some this may seem extremely easy, but my downfall is I don’t like cheese. Yes you read correctly.

I. Don’t. Like. Cheese.

At all.

Not one bit.

Despite many attempts of people trying to make me like it (peer pressure is not a nice thing).

I am however, eating fish and eggs, but when you’ve had this two days in a row you fancy a bit of a change.

On the third day of my challenge I ran into trouble. My head promised my heart a falafel wrap. I’d managed to watch two ‘friends’ (I now use that term loosely) eat a bacon sandwich in front of me. Despite some messy salivating, I got through it with the promise of some little mushed up and baked chickpeas thrown together with slaw and more mushed up chickpeas. Perfect! How exciting!

Shock Horror!

Could I get falafels anywhere? This one time, my one challenge, the one thing my new vegetarian heart desired. All falafels had been wiped off the face of the earth (or the work cafe).

I didn’t want fish, I didn’t want vegetables in a sandwich and I most certainly didn’t want CHEESE! Why of why does everything have cheese?

I’m going to starve.

This blog will fail because I’m trying to do a good deed and I can’t eat, because everyone puts CHEESE in everything.

And there are no falafels.

Ok so I’m being slightly melodramatic. But even a few days into this challenge and I have a whole new respect for Vegetarians and those who are dairy or gluten intolerant. What do you eat when you desperately want something you know you can’t have? I guess I’m not very good at it which is why I can’t give up sweet treats either.

I’m glad this is for charity because at least I have a reason not to cave and just ask for a sweet chilli chicken wrap (I’m not craving in the slightest….).

I hope I get used to it. This will do my body good and I honestly think there will be times after the challenge where I will consciously choose a vegetarian dish over meat.

But for goodness sake.

Where are the flipping FALAFELS!!!!!!

Seriously, I still haven’t had them.

This has reminded me, I must work on my willpower…..


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