Get Your Jiggle On

Every Monday, Lycra clad (don’t judge, Lycra is THE thing to wear), a group of women (myself included) and a lone wolf of a man, set out to get our jiggle on.

All sizes, all ages, the only thing we all have in common other than Lycra is the ability to make it all wobble. Be it a round juicy bottom, swinging hips or an impressive chest. We may not be as co-ordinated as (insert your favourite dance troop here) but boy we know how to get it  moving.

And age does not matter in the slightest, in fact I am one of the youngest at my ripe old age of……. You didn’t think I would let that slip did you? There have been women in their seventies, young at heart and a breeze on the dance floor.

As long as you are willing to let loose,  not worry about who is watching and basically just have fun, anyone can Zumba.

Grown men, families and even young children have all picked up the Zumba bug.

Although it has been around for quite a while and many other new workouts are elbowing their way in, Zumba is still holding on and going strong.

Put in the energy and effort and you come away feeling absolutely bloody knackered, sweating like a bottle of beer in the Spanish sun (or me on the sun lounger – not pretty!) Lots of sweaty ladies, hair wet, tops stuck to bodies – but each and every one always has a smile on their face.

They may walk away reminiscent of John Wayne, but they’ve done it. They’ve jiggled and wiggled, shook it like a Polaroid picture. Regardless of the extreme lack of coordination (which normally results in a fit of giggles, especially in the naughty back row).

We all have fun.

We all laugh

We all sweat.

And we all get our jiggle on.

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