Warming Glows

Do you ever just stop? Really stop. 

Taking in what you are really seeing and what is going on around you at that exact point in time.

Really stopping and being in the moment.

Does it give you a warm glow?

The kind of warm glow that spreads through all of your limbs making you feel free, relaxed and empowered.

Or even just stopping and concentrating on your breathing?

Observing it, feeling it travel through your body, noticing as it’s pace slows. Limbs softening with deep exhalations.

In those moments, there is only the moment you are in.

For me it is extremely calming and I find nothing better than watching and seeing a wonderful, brilliantly bright sunset or sunrise. Where I just can’t help but stop and wait. Taking it all in with awe and wonder.

It is moments like these I treasure.

So next time you find yourself out and about at sunset, take a moment. Stop. Breathe. And watch with enlightenment. It isn’t just any sunset, it is today’s and it is only in that very moment.

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