Fat Rolls

No, I don’t mean anything food related……this time. And sorry it’s not about adorably cute puppies either – got your attention though didn’t it!

Although in a round about way it could be. But when I think of food and ‘fat rolls’ I have an image of a bread roll filled with lard – ew gross! Anyway…..

You may have seen it in the news or across the internet recently, fitness guide guru Anna Victoria, posted a picture and interesting comments on her Instagram account.

And although she is extremely ‘make me jealous’ pretty and über slim (some may say a little contradictory to the message she’s portraying), I found it struck a cord with me.

As someone who struggles with weigh and is quite body conscious, reading her post actually made me feel a little better about myself. Therefore I wanted to share.

I won’t however, be spending $80 for one of Anna’s fitness guides – despite the clear evidence from her wonderful followers – I love my food too much.

Sorry Anna.

(Anna’s post can also be found here)

(picture courtesy of petpassion.tv)


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