One of those Days

January seems to be the longest month. Combined with the cold, damp, waiting for payday, excess weight – it really is quite dire.

But although it was supposedly Blue Monday a week or so ago, it definitely appears to actually be today!

Long faces and moody responses prevail. Mutterings of good morning and a ban on singing. Yes, a ban on singing! Maybe we should all have a sit down sing along session scout style – although I’m not sure that will improve the mood or make it worse!

I feel there aren’t many that are happy today, most are stomping around like they have concrete shoes on.

You keep hearing, ‘Everything’s going wrong’ and ‘It’s going to be one of those days’.

But surely the day will be what you make it, how you let those things that are going wrong affect you. In these cases one song comes to my mind:

Let it go,

(sing it with me)


Getting stressed, angry or upset will get you no-where except feeling deflated and quite unwell (to be fair I am guilty of a little stress and stropping especially at work). You just need to live in the moment, once something has happened there is no changing it – just how you manage and cope is where the difference is made.

On days like this I hate being surrounded by negativity, it makes it a struggle to stay positive.

But for my sanity and peace of  mind, I sit and be quiet. In my own little world of frozen characters, singing along. Feeling each breath, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale ……

Oh hello Olaf!

Let it go, LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!!

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