Sing it Loud – reader challenge

Have you ever experienced the liberating feeling of singing out loud, at the top of your voice, when no one is around?

I was driving home one day, singing along to the radio, window wipers swishing, car lights whizzing past. A song that I really like (but obviously not that much because I can’t remember what it was) came on and inevitably my singing got louder. No one can hear me, I thought, let’s sing a little louder.

Belting out the lyrics as I drove through the country lanes was somewhat therapeutic.

Wow, I sound pretty good. Although we all know that in our heads we sound amazing but in reality we are the cringing karaoke singer murdering a Mariah Carey song.

Singing at the top of your voice you feel free. Words escaping without thought. Completely relaxed (not quite in my case, otherwise I would have crashed).

In that moment there isn’t a care in the world. Just you, the song and a strange noise escaping from your lips.

Go on, throw away those inhibitions.

Give it a try.

Blast those tunes and give your lungs a workout.

Relieve some stress. Laugh at your cat like wailing and smile sheepishly as you look around to make sure no one could hear or is staring at you. Let me know your thoughts and feelings.

Go on.

Do it.

I dare you.

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