Stinging Feet and Satisfying Aches

Oh my goodness.

Indented toes, sore and crushed into shoes far too small (why is it so necessary to have shoes that are too small – how does that help?)

The sting as you take off those shoes, pins as your tootsies come back to life, needles as you try to walk.

You end up with sore spots on toes you didn’t even know you had. Your feet-fingers feel like they’ve been locked in a sardine can.

Oh the joy of the climbing shoe (sorry for misleading you girls, I can actually last longer in 5 inch heels!)

Let’s not forget the fingers! Red tips (I said tips, with a ‘p’), sore cuticles, skin peeling off. Like you’ve been hanging on for you life as a pack of raptors snap at your heels (although there are those who climb so much harder than me, flocking at the bottom of the climb, barking beta that is easy for them but not so much a nappy climber like myself, until you are too scared to fall off).

After nearly three months off, my first indoor session of 2016 was…………..

Sore, definitely sore and extremely frustrating.

Toys thrown from the pram because I couldn’t climb as well as I wanted, told you, nappy climber.

I felt like a newbie who had gone out, got all the gear, but didn’t know how to use it. Like trying to write with my pen upside down (not that I’ve done that, honest, not recently)

And so it turned into a social. The highlight being a lemon polenta cake and chai latte ( I don’t like cake, really don’t).

Maybe I should lay off the sweet stuff, the extra pounds obviously work with gravity so well it pulls me back to the ground quicker.

However, from what I did climb I came away with pumped forearms and that satisfying ache along my ribs, across my back and even in my calves and butt. Indicating I hadn’t lost a lot of technique – there is hope.

I will not be deterred. I just wish summer would get here so I can get back outside on the rope. Ok Ok I admit it:

I’m the Three Footed Yogi and I’m a seasonal climber.

(my own doodle: Belle the Climber – my alter ego)

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