The Problem with Exercise is CHOCOLATE!

Why is it, when I exercise, the pounds go on rather than coming off.

Ah yes, my good old friend chocolate!

Damn you chocolate, I hate you. Always around, Christmas, Valentines, Birthdays, Easter and all the days in between.

Just there, looking at me, talking to me – eat me little yogini, eat me!

You are mean chocolate.

It’s not like I want to put you in my mouth. It’s not like I enjoy your smooth, sweet taste, your variety. Dark, milk, white, nutty, fruity.

Oh chocolate I love you!

You are my addiction.

It’s exercises fault not yours. You can’t help being full of sugary badness. Exercise should learn to burn more calories with very little effort.

You have so much to offer, chocolate. Rotten teeth, obesity, diabetes, reduced energy.

Oh chocolate I hate you!

Exercise, where are you….

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