Too cold for climbing so let’s fly a drone!

A quick drive and short march to an old disused quarry, now commonly known for dog walking and a spot of climbing.

But this little Michelin (Wo)man isn’t doing either.

Donned in a Dappy style beanie and puffy down filled corset (ok so I put on a few pounds over Christmas and my jacket is a little tight), she awaits the whirr of propellors for the flight of the Phantom (aka drone).

Watching as it glided through the sky, lights flashing like a beacon to the birds. Zooming towards the wintery setting sun. It moved with ease, soaring up high and hovering above the rocks.

Intrigued onlookers and delighted children stopped to gaze upwards.

The Phantom tilted forward as it flew overhead, she squinted at the cloudy sky, cheeks pinched pink and eyes running.

Before eventually my nose fell off and I didn’t smell the poop next to my left foot…..

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