On a Journey to Self Improvement

It’s been a while, but I really want to share with you a guest post I wrote recently for Wellity.

It’s honest and open and was damn scary to write and put out into the universe.

I’ve not written for a while so to be given this opportunity to not only get my thinking cap on but to also share how I’ve been feeling, was extremely cathartic.

I also fully support the message that is being spread by the children who set up the Wellity brand and if there was any way I could help, this was it.

My post can be found here.

Please feel free to browse their other inspiring posts and I hope my journey can help at least one person who is struggling.

If you have any thoughts or want to just send your support I’d love to read your comments below.

I love yoga

I know I love yoga.

I know I love yoga because I think about it almost every day.

I may not be on my mat and I might not have stepped onto a mat in some time.

But it’s still there, in my thoughts.

Admittedly I forget some days and have negative and maybe mean thoughts, I’m not perfect. I’m not meant to be.

Today I attended a class before work.

It was tough on my body but by the end of it my mind and body were thankful for the time I took to pay it some attention.

And that is why I love yoga.

It can affect you in so many different ways, on the mat and off.

You just have to allow it.


I’m coming back!

I’ve recently been re-reading my blog posts. Well actually it started with me writing in a journal and then re-reading my posts.

I felt an overwhelming urge to write something again, despite it being almost exactly 6 months since my last post!

The age old issue that prevented me from writing back last year is threatening to reveal its ugly head. But this time I am going to be more open. I’m going to just write, whatever comes into my head.

When I wrote ‘Blogging is hard’ I received some fantastic comments and I want to thank those people for their amazing suggestions and words of encouragement. For taking the time to read my post and then feel compelled to write a response.


I thank you all for taking that time out for me.

And now,  from this point on, bring it.


There are many things in life that I admire:

A pair of pretty shoes (obviously).

Muscles in a climbers arms and back.

Sunsets and pretty flowers.

Peoples ability to help others, no questions asked.

Tom Hardy.

People who chase their dreams.

Jason Statham.

Mmmmm……Tom Hardy and Jason Statham……… sorry getting side-tracked.

Let’s go back to ‘people who chase their dreams’.

I’m still waiting for my particular dream to surface. That one thing you want, that you will do anything to make come true – I don’t think winning the lottery counts.

My friend, however, had a dream. To travel to Australasia. Solo.

That right there, is admiring. To quit your job, pack a rucksack and say goodbye to friends and family. Flying solo, to a place full of strangers. Staying in unknown places, a bed not as soft or hard, smells and noises out of the norm.

To have the courage to take on something so exhilarating and exciting – I can’t even imagine. Needless to say, I admire my friend an awful amount. Yes I will miss her like crazy, I am missing her like crazy. But she is doing this scary amazing thing for herself. Something that she will never forget, something that will shape who she is. She will have stories to tell for years to come, new friends to be made for a lifetime and who knows what she will find on her travels. Friendship, love, new job, herself?

I admire this because it is something I don’t think I would have the courage to do.

I admire her because I know how hard it was for her to get on that plane.

I admire those who know what they want, who go for it, who chase it.

When you do that, there is only one outcome.

You get it.